Content Strategy

Content is the lifeblood for any good SEO strategy and is key to increasing relevant traffic from search engines and generating greater brand awareness amongst the very people who are interested in purchasing from your business.

Content production for small businesses can be a huge drain on resources, so it is essential that anything published provides value. There is a dizzying array of content and media that can be used in a strategy, but they must all ultimately have a purpose that is aligned with the goals of your business. Any content published must be done so with your target customer in mind.

With the right content strategy, your website will attract visitors that are more likely to convert into enquiries for your product or service.


Content Audit

An extensive audit of your current content is conducted to ensure it is relevant to your target market and is aligned with business goals. Recommendations will be given on content needed to improve organic visibility and brand awareness.

Content Strategy

A strategy is provided that will help to generate more relevant visits and website enquiries. A good content plan targets prospects in all stages of the buyer journey from people who are unaware of your business to those who are ready to buy from you.