I am an experienced SEO and PPC consultant, and have been helping companies generate and convert leads through search traffic for more than a decade.

I have been working with large B2B businesses to develop their search marketing strategies since 2011, and was Head of Search at a leading B2B marketing agency prior to becoming an independent consultant.

While there have been many changes in the field over the last 10 years, the core principles of my work have stayed consistent. Search engines provide companies with a means to reach potential customers, and my role is to help make your business visible to the right people. Tactics often evolve, but helping businesses to generate and convert search traffic has always been at the heart of what I do.


I act as your search marketing partner – an extension of your marketing team. I like to work collaboratively with clients to ensure that search marketing initiatives work seamlessly as part of your wider marketing goals and strategy. From regular calls, to monthly reports, I keep you updated on campaign progress – and stay in regular contact via platforms like Slack.


Search marketing is constantly changing. With AI becoming more widespread in the industry over the past year, SEO has arguably seen its biggest change yet. I stay on top of the latest developments so my knowledge is always current – what worked yesterday may not be effective today.

Qualified and Certified

I am a certified user of the latest version of Google Analytics - GA4 - and am a qualified Google Search Ads consultant.

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