PPC That Delivers Customers

Google Ads are an extremely effective way of increasing visibility in Google’s search results and on the wider web. Google Ads are divided into three parts – Search Ads, Shopping Ads and Display Ads.

Search Ads are a powerful tactic for ‘owning’ competitive page 1 real estate and getting your business website in front of people who are actively searching for the very products and services you offer. Shopping Ads are perfect for eCommerce businesses. They are the image ads you see right at the top of page 1 when you Google a product you’re looking to buy.

Display Ads help generate awareness for your brand on the wider web, through the use of image ads on select websites, meaning you can target your potential customers as they browse online.

Google Search Ads and SEO shouldn’t be viewed as separate tactics and are in fact both designed to achieve the same outcome – increasing visibility in Google. As such they work very well as complementary tactics to help a website dominate the search results for a particular topic.

I am a certified Google Ads consultant and have run Search, Shopping and Display campaigns for companies across many sectors and verticals, leading to more relevant visitors, leads and sales.


PPC Audit


Your current PPC campaigns are given a 10 point health check to ensure that they are cost effective and deliver on your business goals. Sometimes a small change in strategy can greatly improve ROI.

PPC Consulting


Google Ad campaigns that target the very people you want to come to your business website or eCommerce store as they search on Google or browse the wider web. Generate more leads, sales and increase brand awareness.