B2B SaaS SEO Consultant

Generate & Convert Organic Search Traffic


I’m Alastair Kane. I’m an experienced SEO Consultant. I specialise in helping SaaS businesses grow from Organic Search. Lets chat about your Organic Growth Goals.

b2b seo consultant

B2B SaaS SEO Consultant

Generate & Convert Organic Search Traffic


I’m Alastair Kane. I’m an experienced SEO Consultant. I specialise in helping SaaS businesses grow from Organic Search. Lets chat about your Organic Growth Goals.


An SEO consultant is an expert in search engine optimisation. They implement strategies to enhance a website’s position in natural search. They help companies improve their visibility in search engines such as Google and Bing. This in turn drives traffic and leads which fuels business growth

Their key responsibilities often include keyword research, competitor analysis, website auditing, link building, and creating an SEO strategy to boost organic traffic. An experienced SEO consultant will also analyse data, monitor search engine updates, and provide tailored recommendations to ensure the business’s website remains competitive in the constantly evolving digital landscape.


b2b seo specialist

B2B SaaS SEO Specialist

SaaS SEO needs to consider the complex nature of the buyer journey. B2B SaaS products and services are often high value with long sales cycles. There are often a number of stakeholders involved when considering a purchase. As such, an effective SaaS SEO strategy requires alignment with these nuances. I have worked with many SaaS businesses, across a range of verticals, over the past decade.

Bespoke Strategy

No ‘cookie-cutter’ template SEO strategy. Even businesses operating in the same industry have their own unique needs and characteristics. I take the time to gain a deep understanding of your particular business and its customers in order to develop a strategy that is aligned with the short and long term goals of your business.



Monthly reporting and quarterly reviews ensure the SEO work is meeting goals. This provides a means to keep you informed regarding the work I carry out and the results being achieved. I will also use our initial consultation call to assess whether or not SEO is the right fit for your particular business. I will only work with you if I know I can help your business.

Growth Focused

Keyword rank and traffic are overly used indicators of SEO performance. They are good pointers to future success, but high keyword rank doesn’t necessarily equate to increased sales and revenue for your business. Any strategy I use is pre-validated with the simple question – will this contribute to business growth?



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no traffic

No Traffic

Driving relevant organic traffic is key to transforming your website into an effective sales channel for your business. Many B2B websites struggle to attract traffic due to Technical SEO issues or poolry developed content.

wrong b2b traffic

Wrong Traffic

Many B2B businesses have the problem of attracting the wrong website visitors.  I create and implement SEO campaigns around extensive customer research, to ensure that your website attracts your ideal customers.

poor b2b leads

Poor Leads

A B2B website should be a business asset that helps drive growth. It can only achieve this by converting traffic into opportunities that your sales team can follow up. The right SEO strategy will deliver valuable leads.


B2B businesses largely sell high value products and services that have long sales cycles lasting many months. In order to make purchase decisions, prospects need information which they seek out on Google.

B2B SEO ensures that a business appears in search, wherever and whenever a potential customer is looking for information. As the prospect progresses through the buyer journey, they begin to trust the brands that provide information that helps them make purchase decisions.

The ultimate goal of B2B SEO is to build brand awareness and trust, so that when the prospect is finally ready to buy, they already know which company to contact – the one they have seen numerous times online when searching out information on a product or service they were researching.


technical seo

Technical SEO

In order to reap the benefits SEO provides, it is important to ensure the foundations are right. Technical SEO ensures a website has no serious issues that might negatively impact organic visibility and the experience of your site’s visitors. I will conduct a site health check to ensure there are no problems.

organic growth

Organic Growth

40% of clicks go to the no.1 organic result. If your customers use Google, then appearing on page 1 when your prospects type in a query, is crucial for building trust with them. I specialise in B2B SEO and have helped businesses grow their organic traffic and leads for over 10 years.

digital pr

Digital PR

SEO is a powerful marketing strategy for improving brand awareness. This makes it the ideal partner for Digital PR, which promotes a business on 3rd party websites and channels, wherever your target customers visit. Digital PR completes the circle, ensuring brand reach  on and off your website.


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