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I have been helping B2B brands improve their search visibility amongst target customers for over 10 years.

I understand the unique complexities of the B2B buyer journey and how SEO is a key channel that helps build the trust of buyers.

That trust is key to driving revenue and business growth.

SEO strategies for companies that sell to other businesses, need to align with the unique characteristics of B2B buyer behaviour.

These include long sales cycles due to high value purchases of products or services that serve a niche market.

b2b seo consultant


no traffic

No Traffic

Driving traffic is key to transforming your website into an effective sales channel for your business. Many businesses struggle to attract traffic due to a lack of strategy or the wrong strategy.

wrong b2b traffic

Wrong Traffic

Many B2B businesses have no issue with generating traffic to their website, but it is irrelevant and therefore useless. I design SEO around customer research, to ensure that the strategy works to attract your ideal customers.

poor b2b leads

Poor Leads

A B2B website should be a business asset that helps drive business growth. It can only achieve this by converting traffic into opportunities that your sales team can follow up. The right SEO strategy will deliver valuable leads.


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technical seo

Technical SEO

In order to reap the benefits SEO provides, it is important to ensure the foundations are right. Technical SEO ensures a website has no serious issues that might negatively impact organic visibility and the experience of your site’s visitors. I will conduct a site health check to ensure there are no problems.

organic growth

Organic Growth

40% of clicks go to the no.1 organic result. If your customers use Google, then appearing on page 1 when your prospects type in a query, is crucial for building trust with them. I specialise in B2B SEO and have helped businesses grow their organic traffic and enquiries for over 10 years.

digital pr

Digital PR

SEO is a powerful marketing strategy for improving brand awareness. This makes it the ideal partner for Digital PR, which promotes a business on 3rd party websites and channels, where your target customers visit. Digital PR completes the circle, ensuring brand presence whether your prospect is on or off your website.


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