B2B SEO for Growth

Google is undoubtedly an important source of customers and revenue for many businesses.

However, before working with a new client, I will do the analyses to determine if SEO is in fact the right strategy for growth.

As SEO isn’t the right solution for all businesses.

There may be other channels, social media for instance, that would impact the bottom line in a more effective way at a lower cost.

If I believe SEO would benefit your business, extensive research will be carried out to gain valuable insight into who your ideal customer is.

This crucial first step provides the information needed to create an SEO strategy that works towards fulfilling the growth goals of your business.


SEO Audit

All technical aspects of a website are looked at to ensure there are no errors which might be adversely impacting visibility in search engines. Any necessary fixes will be addressed so you have peace of mind that your website is SEO-healthy.

SEO Consulting

Full range of SEO Consulting Services designed to help your business website rank better in the search engines and attract the right visitors – people looking for your products and services.

Local SEO

local seo

Necessary action is taken to help your business website rank better for local search. Local SEO requires a different approach and encompasses a range of tactics to help get better visibility in Google’s ‘Local Pack’ results and better results for voice activated, mobile searches.