About the client

OkOki are Oki printer specialists. They are based in the UK and have been selling the complete Oki range of printers to offices and businesses for over 25 years.

I’ve been working with OkOki for 4 years helping them to generate leads and opportunities from Google with PPC.

The challenge

OkOki initially approached me because they were dissatisfied with how their PPC was going. Their campaigns were proving to be expensive and were failing to produce a significant number of opportunities for their business. They were eager to improve their paid search strategy and maximise their return on investment.

Before working with me, OkOki’s business was primarily coming from cold outreach. This was neither consistent nor scalable, so they were looking for ways to consistently generate leads from search. As they were looking to generate leads quickly, they decided to see if there was a way they could get their existing PPC campaigns to work harder, rather than focusing on a more long-term SEO strategy.

However, they needed a PPC expert to rebuild their campaigns and optimise for lead generation and ROI.

Steps to success

  • Reviewed current campaigns to see what was working and what wasn’t.
  • Analysed conversion rate data, average order value and cost per click to determine max cost per lead to deliver ROI.
  • Recommended landing page optimisations to maximise conversion rate.
  • Built new ad campaigns.
  • Fixed conversion tracking issues to ensure performance can be measured.
  • Started with a relatively small budget and scaled incrementally by no more than 20% each time, once performance stabilised and lead acquisition was improving.
  • Conducted a regular review of lead quality to ensure that leads were a good fit for OkOki.
  • Continued to monitor and optimise performance.

The results

  • Lead volume increase from 0 to 32

    After a few weeks, leads started coming in, providing the OkOki sales team with good fit opportunities.

  • Average of 8 opportunities delivered per month

    PPC added predictable revenue to their sales pipeline, helping OkOki to grow their business.

  • 5X increase in sales pipeline

    After PPC campaigns had been running a few months, before and after average increase in pipeline was 5X.

I’ve worked with Alastair since mid 2020, he certainly knows how to promote businesses on the internet.
We've had a large amount of enquiries & sales, due to his knowledge. I would highly recommend him

— Matt Lawson


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